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German Shepherd Dog

FCI Standard No. 166


Group 1 - Sheepdogs & Cattle dogs

Section 1 - Sheepdogs with working trial


Versatile working, herding and service dog


Originally breed for herding in Germany. First German Shepherd, Horand von Grafrath,  was registered in 1899 by von Stephanitz.

General Appearance

Medium size, slightly elongated, powerful and well-muscled, with dry bone and firm overall structure. The nose is black, ears are pointed and upright, and the coat may be double, plush or longhaired. The colour is a combination of black, tan and sable.

Height: males, 60-65cm; females, 55-60cm

Eliminating faults

Weak character and weak nerves which bite

Hip and/or elbow dysplasia

Monorchid/cryptorchid dogs

Disfigured ears or tail

Dental faults including lack of: 1 premolar 3 and another tooth, or 1 canine tooth, or 1 premolar 4, or 1 molar 1 or molar 2, or a total of 3 teeth or more

Jaw overshot by 2mm or more, undershot, level bite in the entire incisor region

Over/under- size by more than 1cm


Long straight topcoat without undercoat

Character & Temperament

The GSD is a focused and extremely intelligent breed who is eager to please and learn. It should be well-balanced, self-assured, absolutely natural and good-natured. It must possess instinctive behaviour, resilience and self-assurance,   It thrives on mental stimulation. It prefers company. Firm training is vital. The GSD with the correct characteristics is suitable as a companion, guard, protection, herding and service dog.

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