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About us

The Utility Dog Council of Australia Inc was formed in 2020 to address the need for a centralized database for working title and pedigree information. We intend to generate a dynamic "studbook' which captures the bloodlines behind a dog, awarded titles and documented health assessment (e.g. HD-ED, DM status, DNA profiling, etc. etc).

Our mission is to connect the people dedicated to the health and welfare of working dog breeds in Australia regardless of breed and to build public awareness of the working dog breeds and their welfare needs which inherently is linked to enabling them to use their instinctive working traits.

The working dog breeds are valued to the point of being iconic but paradoxically the preservation of their working traits are largely unsupported by the mainstream canine bodies. No matter what working dog breed, they all have some core traits in common: high intelligence, eager to please and a high enthusiasm for learning. These traits go hand in hand with sound temperament. Collectively, these traits also make them popular family dogs.

The popularity means we must protect these breeds to underpin the sustainability of physically and mentally sound working dog breeds. We must support breeders who carefully select parents with proven traits to ensure the next generation acquires the iconic working traits of any given working dog breed of choice. To enable breeders to identify breed-worthy animals, we must facilitate and support schemes that enable working dog breeds to use their working traits and temperament. If you own a working dog breed, then you owe your dog to give it a job to do. Such job may be within the private or government industry or for recreational purposes.

Ensure the future of breeds defined as working dog breeds

There is an increasing demand for quality assurance on pedigree dogs, yet in Australia pedigree dogs are judged primarily on their appearance and for some breeds, there is a preference for some exaggerated and extreme with little consideration for health, welfare and functionality.


It is well-known that the popularity of iconic working breeds, such as the German Shepherd Dog, has led to indiscriminate breeding and erosion of correct breed characteristics. The damage done by the supply to the Pastoral Industry through the sheer lack of selection for working ability, but more importantly assessment of correct temperament has to stop to restore the reputation of e.g. the German Shepherd Dog. The Utility Dog Council of Australia Inc was formed to counteract the resistance of mainstream canine bodies to embrace the importance of temperament and workability assessments when selecting animals for breeding.  Only by proven workability, sound temperament and verification of trait characteristics can one ensure the future of the breeds defined as working dog breeds .

Help us establishing a better pedigree register

The Utility Dog Council of Australia Inc operates as a service to breeders, the public considering to buy a puppy with a pedigree quality assurance. We are represented by people who believes there is a need to for a register that captures not only bloodlines but also working titles and health.


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